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Cabinet Refinishing Cleveland, OHCabinet refinishing can be done on old, outdated kitchen cabinets for a much needed face-lift. While the cabinets are outdated, it doesn’t mean they have to be completely replaced. Cabinet refinishing is a better alternative that will cost less. Your kitchen cabinets are probably still in great shape. Many can last for decades. However, styles change because people get tired of the same old design styles. If you have kitchen cabinets that you are tired of looking at, you are not alone. Cabinet refinishing is a great way to completely change how your kitchen looks. With a little wall paint, you won’t recognize your new kitchen space! If you want to give your kitchen cabinets a face-lift, our professional painters in Cleveland at Optimal Painting have some ideas for you.

Transforming Outdated Kitchen Cabinets With Glaze Refinishing

Glazing is a popular method of refinishing kitchen cabinets. An experienced painting contractor will give you the best results. Glaze is a clear coat which is tinted with a certain color. Different results are achieved based on how much color is mixed in with the clear glaze as well as what color is applied underneath the glaze. A professional will be able to make adjustments in order to achieve different results.

Refinishing Oak Cabinets With A Beautiful Dark Walnut Stain

Walk into any home improvement store today and you’ll see the same 1980’s style honey colored oak cabinets on display. If you have them in your kitchen or bathrooms and you’re tired of the outdated look, they can be completely changed with a gorgeous dark walnut stain. You won’t recognize your old standard oak cabinets after they are refinished. Dark walnut is an amazing color that looks phenomenal with light colored granite, quartz, laminate, and stainless steel countertops. It also goes well with most floor colors and styles. When refinishing the kitchen cabinets with a dark walnut stain, you can choose how dark of a shade you want.

Antiquing Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing the kitchen cabinets in an antique finish completely transforms old, outdated cabinets. When done right, the new finish makes the cabinets look as if they came directly from another era. Whether they look like they came from the ancient imperial Rome era, the French Renaissance period, or the colonial American era, antiqued kitchen cabinets can be stunningly beautiful.

Transforming Old Pine Kitchen Cabinets With An Exotic Mahogany Finish

Pine cabinets can be transformed to exotic mahogany by using a darker mahogany wood stain. Mahogany has a fine grain pattern and is a hard, dense wood while pine is a softer, lighter, wider grained wood. Even so, the absorbent behavior of pine allows the stain to penetrate well. Your kitchen refinishing expert can make your old pine cabinets look like you installed custom made exotic mahogany cabinets.

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